registered dieticians ltac patients

How Registered Dieticians Work With LTAC Patients

At Landmark Hospitals, we’re dedicated to your long-term acute care for a variety of conditions. From our private rooms to our high-quality LTAC hospital services in areas like ventilation management and infectious diseases, we’re here to provide only the highest quality, most comfortable care possible. One member of our staff who plays a big role […]

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adult vaccines important

Why Adult Vaccines Are Important

At Landmark Hospitals, we’re highly experienced in dealing with infectious diseases as part of our long-term acute care hospital services. Through years of service to such patients, all of whom get exclusively private rooms, we’ve been able to pass on both care and expertise to numerous people who needed them. One heavily related area we […]

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warning signs copd

Early Warning Signs of COPD

At Landmark Hospital, we’re proud of the long-term acute care services we offer to clients in various areas. Our ventilator management services, for instance, assist patients with a variety of conditions, from pneumonia and respiratory failure to ALS and Guillain-Barre syndrome. One of the most common conditions we help treat as an LTAC hospital is COPD, […]

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robotic surgery diagnostic

Learning About Robotic Surgery

At Landmark Hospitals, we’re proud to be a long term acute care (LTAC) hospital facility that offers post-surgical care for those who require it. Our wide range of patient stories includes numerous clients who have chosen us for their surgical recovery with fantastic results. One newer form of surgery that we’ve begun helping patients recover […]

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Learning About Prediabetes

As a long term acute care hospital in Utah, we at Landmark Hospital deal regularly with conditions like diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of this condition, with millions of American suffering from it and this number only continuing to rise. Our Landmark experience includes the kind of attentive, personalized care you […]

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Basics and Risks of Hepatitis C

At Landmark Hospital in Salt Lake City, one of our specialty areas includes the identification and treatment of infectious diseases. This includes a wide range of both acute and chronic conditions, ranging from generally docile up to life-threatening. One condition that can vary widely in terms of its severity and symptoms is hepatitis C, a […]

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