Private Rooms

Did you know than Landmark Hospital is the only LTAC in the Salt Lake area that provides exclusively private rooms, bathrooms, and showers?

When you or a loved one is critically ill, our private accommodations allow for privacy and dignity to be maintained while you are healing.

Our facility was constructed with the patient in mind. Your recovery experience will be enhanced knowing that the risk of hospital-acquired infection is significantly reduced through our private rooms and attention to infection control and cleanliness. When choosing an LTAC, it’s important to ask if you will be required to share a room or bathroom and consider how this may affect your experience.

Landmark provides peace of mind in knowing that your privacy and risk for hospital acquired infection is never compromised by asking you to share a room, and our outcomes prove it. We have a track record of success treating everything from cardiac conditions to infectious disease, trauma and wound care, and this starts with our commitment to your privacy and experience.